Jobs for June

Source: PowerPlug!(Motivational Quotes)

Source: PowerPlug!(Motivational Quotes)

How has your June begun? I have made the executive decision to allow June to be great! I won’t bore you with the details, but May has been quite horrendous for me! Nothing tragic, more so hectic and quite stressful! I don’t know why I did it, but I decided to start blogging then too! Aughhh the stress of it, so much so, that on many occasions I made the decision to quit blogging…before I even gave it a go! But…. in the last few days I have had a few uplifting moments which have given me the confidence I desperately need.

1. My husband found my blog.
I never told him what I was doing, for I fear failure. Since he loves me more than anyone else ever has, I didn’t want him thinking this would be another one of my hair brained mad ideas (I do have them sometimes!) and I didn’t want him to see me collapse with embarrassment. I feared disappointing him. I still do. But… he found it, I may have left references to Yibba Yabba Mama open on the ipad, I don’t know, but he asked me about it and I nearly died! I tried to fob it off, but he gently asked about it, admitted he didn’t get the whole mummy blog thing, but told me to go for it. He hasn’t read my blog yet, but often asks about my Facebook page. (Hang on, he hasn’t liked my page yet!)

2. Cazza Bazza mentioned me!
Caz Makepeace is from my Uni days, (I loved Uni because of her!) she will always be Cazza Bazza to me. She is an actual blogger. People read her stuff. And they like her stuff! Just when I was at the point of thinking “I can’t do this…” I stopped everything and decided to catch up on everything I missed during the week..Like Cazza Bazza’s blog “Mojito Mother” and instead of reading about some cool new earthy idea or something truly inspirational, I see my name…and a plug for Yibba Yabba Mama! I tell you, my heart leapt out and I couldn’t believe it! I still can’t believe it! I won’t ever be as cool and talented as Cazza Bazza, but if any of you mums need some help getting the mojo back in your life (I desperately need it!) head over to (one seriously cool mama!)

3. I think I am going to guest post over at a fabulous blog!
I won’t tell you where yet, in case she changes her mind…..! (Fabulous people are allowed to change their minds!) In amongst all the mayhem in my house, I managed to write a post, submit it and…..I think it may get published/posted in the next week or so! Yay for me! (But I won’t get too excited just yet!)

4. I have Beautiful Friends
I haven’t told all my friends about this blog. Just a few whom I thought may find it useful. Some of them have liked all my posts and shared some of my Facebook page. Very uplifting! Thank you, you know who you are. xx

I admit that I am feeling like a little fish in a big pond! I keep discovering amazing blogs, which have a huge following. I still can’t work all the features of my blog site, my photography skills are getting worse and I haven’t got a clue about all the technical aspects of blogging. In May this discouraged me, in June it will inspire me. I know I have lots to say, I don’t know which direction I am headed…but that is all part of the fun! So now…

My Jobs for June…
I am going to try to organise my house…the chaos is killing me! (Not to mention the health hazards!) I will use the expert advice from all those wonderful bloggers out there to help me!

I am going to be positive and grateful for what I have (again more inspirational bloggers to listen to!)

But….my first job is mummy….so if I need to take a breather from this blog I will, my girls need me more. But if I am a happier and a more organised mummy, I will feel more at ease doing something for me….this blog!

What are your jobs for June?


4 thoughts on “Jobs for June

  1. Aimee

    I’m just going to enjoy my little girl who is coming into her 6th month. Nothing else is worth worrying about for me at the moment. She’s changing too quickly and hubby and I are having so much fun with her.
    I actually want to start cooking more so we’ll see how that goes. Made spinach and ricotta pastries the other day, yummy.

  2. Caz Makepeace (@MojitoMother)

    Don’t worry about the house!! Mine’s always in constant chaos. You’re doing awesome Val–so happy with how it’s all going for you and only after a few weeks in.

    I’ve got bets on Dave will be joining you soon. The Daddy’s secretly love it!


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