I am Ready and Refreshed for This Week…Thank You Long Weekend!

Nature has so much to offer

Nature has so much to offer

I love long weekends! Just love them! I love that extra day to do more, or to do nothing….but it is another day without any pressures! (Let me be clear, I don’t go to work, in fact having everyone at home is more work, but I still love it!)

How did your long weekend begin? I don’t know how or why this happened, but today I woke up cranky! I am quite exhausted at the moment; my toddler thinks 4am is an appropriate wake up time, so perhaps I was too tired to remember that today was a long weekend! So, I dragged myself out of bed and snapped at the kids. Not a good start. I told myself “This is not going to be a good day…” Then I heard what I had said and had to fix it.

I did the only thing I could think of.

I climbed back into my bed and got out again, this time from the other side! (That was kind of weird, since it was hubby’s side and I don’t deal with that kind of stuff well!)

So with a different frame of mind I reappeared ready to thank Her Majesty for the day off and ready to make the most of this extra day! Today I let the kids in the kitchen; we made ourselves omelettes for breakfast.  Hubby had to disappear off to work so the kids and I went for a walk. Nothing too exciting, but it is for us, for we seldom do it! I have a multitude of excuses of why we don’t go, usually it is too hot or I am too busy. But today, the glorious winter sun was beckoning and most of the housework was done. So off we went.

And it was wonderful.

So wonderful.

My girls rode their scooters and I pushed bubby in the pram. She squealed with delight as her sisters rode ahead. They were all so happy. Then I realised it. I was happy too.  I think it was all that fresh air. It was reconnecting with nature, taking in the beauty of those native plants and the red outback earth.  I love nature.

Exercise and fresh air! Love it!

Exercise and fresh air! Love it!

The kids were quite happy to come home. I usually detest playing with food, but today, I let them create with their fruit! We had all sorts of fruit animals! (Perhaps you have seen my strawberry mouse on facebook today?) Both of my big girls proclaimed “This is the best day ever!” I had to agree.

So, tomorrow is back to work, school and kindy. Bubby and I need to get groceries and other jobs. Tomorrow is not back to the grindstone. It will not be ground hog day.  It will be a new day. I am refreshed and ready for it. And if I do wake up at 4am feeling like a slug, I will remember how to energise myself (even if I have to get back into bed in order to get back out of it again!)  I am going to do this more often and I have made a mental promise to take the children out for a walk more often. I know we will all be better off for it!

Are you refreshed and ready for this week?


2 thoughts on “I am Ready and Refreshed for This Week…Thank You Long Weekend!

  1. Caroline Makepeace

    You crack me up Val, I can just see you climbing out the other side of the bed too!! I hear ya on getting back out in nature, it is amazing the difference it makes. How silly are we for always making up excuses for not going outside. I am certainly changing that up from now on. Time to start hugging more trees I say!


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