Samballs – an alternative for sandwiches!

Not a boring lunch!

Not a boring lunch!

I have a kindy kid who is not partial to sandwiches. Sometimes I make her non-bread lunches (pasta, rice or crackers) but generally I make her sandwich. I am not one for cutting lunches into shapes – I would love to be that kind of mum, but the truth is I am not that organised to be able to put the time into making princess shaped sandwiches! So here is what I often make for her and is quite a winner with my other kids too!

Instructions for Making Samballs (We call them samballs because they are sambos shaped into balls!)

1. Cut the crusts of the bread. Fresh bread is easier to work with. (Thawed from the freezer is fine too)

Cut the crusts off

Cut the crusts off

2. Spread as usual with whatever your kids like. (Butter, avocado, creamed cheese, mayonaise)
3. Add a small scoop (1 or 2 tablespoons – depending on the size of your bread) of something to fill your samball. (Diced ham, chopped chicken,grated cheese, drained tuna, corn or whatever yummies your kids will eat!)

Add your ingredients to the centre of the bread (buttered or spread with whatever you like)

Add your ingredients to the centre of the bread (buttered or spread with whatever you like)

4. Shape into a ball! I find it easy to fold each corner into the middle and use my fingers to mould it into a ball.

Roll into a ball!

Roll into a ball!

5. Pop them into an airtight container and they will be lovely and fresh for lunch time!

Samball suggestions:
cream cheese and diced ham
chicken and avocado
tuna, corn and mayonaise
avocado, grated cheese and grated carrot
egg, mayonaise and lettuce
cream cheese and smoked salmon
salsa and grated cheese


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