Sweet Treat Sushi!

Dried fruit is usually enjoyed by most kids. Try not to give them too much as the sugar content is quite high. For a bit of fun, why not try this:

Sushi – Sweet Treat Style!



An assortment of dried fruits (sultanas, chopped dates, chopped apricots, dried apple, cranberries)

If you like you can also include other ‘fruit snacks’ like fruit poles, fruit rulers, fruit straps (Most are supposedly 99% fruit)

Small rectangular fruit strap/roll up



  1. Dice up some dried fruit and leave others in long shapes
Use any dried fruit!

Use any dried fruit!

2. Place dried fruit into the fruit strap/roll up

Fill with dried fruit

Fill with dried fruit


3. Roll up as tightly as you can

Roll it up tightly

Roll it up tightly

4. Using a sharp knife, slice into small portions

Slice into small portions

Slice into small portions

Yibba Yabba Yummy! Put one in your child’s lunch box or have as an afterschool treat!

Have fun, the combinations are endless!


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