Pack a Hot Lunch for School!

Would you like to win a Thermos Funtainer and a Thermos Foogo for yourself or your kids?… The wonderful people at will send one lucky reader a Thermos Foogo and Funtainer! (Australian residents only!)

Here is how to enter:
Tell me (to the upper left here in the comments section or scroll to the comments at the bottom of this page)what would you pack in your thermos foogoo or funtainer? (Just a few words!) Too Easy!

And…Please be a liker of my Yibba Yabba Mama page and share the page or this post on your wall! (Thank you!)

Competition begins Thursday July 11th 2013 and closes 5pm Sunday July 14th 2013. Winner will be contacted via email and announced here on this blog on Monday July 15th. Kitchenware Direct will send the prize to the winner, Australian address only. Most creative entry wins!
This competition is not associated with Facebook. Only the winners details will be kept.

Good luck! I do hope you enjoy packing a hot lunch!
Please check out the thermos foogoo and funtainer range from

(Direct link here:

They are an awesome online company, I have been using them for years!

Need some inspiration for packing a hot lunch? Read here:

Hot Pasta for School...yummy!

Hot Pasta for School…yummy!

It is winter here and the perfect opportunity to try something other than sandwiches! I send my kids to school and Kindy with a thermos filled with last night’s leftovers…anything from pasta, risotto, fried rice and even instant noodles! They love it! Here are my tips for making a hot lunch hot!

1. Choose the Right Thermos!
I bought the thermos brand one called Foogo It is perfect for kids as it is a small size of 290mL but has a wide opening – easy to manage! It also has an easy open lid which is spill proof – no leaky accidents on the homework! It stays hot on the inside, but cool enough on the outer to be carried by little hands!
There is also a very cute range called funtainer – they have gorgeous designs for kids ranging from butterflies to Hello Kitty!
I bought mine online here:

Hello Kitty Funtainer from Kitchenware Direct

Hello Kitty Funtainer from Kitchenware Direct

2. Prepare Your Thermos:
Before packing the food, fill up the thermos with boiling water from your kettle. Put the lid on and leave it for 5 mins to heat. Then empty the water and fill immediately with your desired hot lunch! You need to preheat the food to a slightly warmer temperature than you would serve it at. It will stay warm for hours! (The foogoo and funtainer will keep the food at the same temperature for several hours, making it safe and yummy!)

3. What to pack?
My kids love any kind of left overs. Soup is probably not ideal for little kids, it takes too long to eat and could spill on someone! You are better off packing something that can be eaten with a spoon or fork. I like to send my kids with a “spork”, kind of like a spoon and fork in one!

Pasta: any kind is fine, personally I find the bigger and chunkier ones easier and faster for kids to manage! (Spaghetti can get spilled on uniforms! I like penne, bows or shells) Add a small amount of sauce to keep it moist: Bolognese, tuna mornay or whatever!

Vegetable slice, quiche or pizza: these can be kept warm too! I cut them up into bite size pieces that can be picked up with a fork!

Instant Noodles: I find it best to undercook these slightly as they keep on cooking! Also, drain off most of the liquid or else you will end up with one gluggy mess! To make these more of a meal I add shredded chicken or ham and a small scoop of frozen vegetables. (Peas and corn go well!)

Cold food: the foogo and funtainer also keep cold food cold! Fill the thermos with cold water for 5 mins and fill with cold foods: salad, fruit, jelly and custard!


17 thoughts on “Pack a Hot Lunch for School!

  1. Kylie Carey

    I would put my homemade pumpkin soup in it. The kids love it and its full of health benefits and flavour!

  2. Michelle Larsen

    Meatballs and pasta – the kids’ favourite meal of all. I’m sure it would all get eaten, instead of half sandwiches coming home every day – much less waste and yummier!

  3. Aimee

    I would put beef goulash in one and buy another one to put sticky date pudding with caramel sauce for dessert! Perfect for a rainy, winter day like today.

  4. Alex

    Both my girls love my famous and ultra fancy ( in my kids eyes I am a masterchief) creamy chicken pasta with lots of veggies and chicken !!!!!!!

  5. Debbie Minter

    My son loves all types of Pasta so would love to be able to send him to school with warm pasta in one….

    1. Teena Severn

      I am really boring with lunch so apart from a vegemite sandwich I’m lost, maybe I could try a salad for summer 🙂


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