Father’s Day Chocolate Bar Card


Here’s a sweet idea for the sweetest Dad in your life!

Call into the supermarket and buy a range of chocolate bars. Then make up a list of things about dad and glue on the chocolate bar where appropriate!

Here is one we have made, you will be able to add in extras based on what other bars you can find or what your dad will like!

You may want to cross out some words (like cross out the mal in malteaser…to leave ‘teaser’!) or leave as it is! Have fun and get creative! I’d love to know what extras you have added in!

Tip: The fun sized bars are much easier to work with! (Or get a big piece of paper like I have, so dad can enjoy the big sized chocolates!)

Dear Dad,

Even though you are a (smartie) pants
And you can be a real (malteaser)
You are a little (golden rough) around the edges but I still think you are in (mint pattie) condition!
Thank you for always giving me a (boost) or a (twirl) when I have needed it!
You are every girl’s (Dream) father!
I think you are out of this world! Maybe from (Mars)
So this Father’s Day, relax, have some (Timeout) and know you are the sweetest dad ever!

I love you!


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