Books to Read to Babies From Birth to Age 3

The best gift you can buy a new baby….books! Books are an awesome gift, the power of reading can literally open doors for little ones later in their life. If you are a parent, please read to your child. It is good for them….and you too!

Here is a list of my favourite books for little ones. (Babies from birth up to three years of age, but your children will continue to read and read and read these again!) I have chosen these books as favourites for their repetition and rhyme (helps to develop speech and reading skills later on) bright illustrations and….these can all be bought as chunky board books! (Safe to leave lying around for little ones to ‘read’ to themselves)

These are in no particular order! And yes….there are many more I could add!

1.Time For Bed by Mem Fox
This is a beautiful bedtime story, calling baby animals to go to sleep. The book is a rhyming book with similar beginnings and different animals. “It’s time for bed little mouse, little mouse, darkness has fallen all over the house….”

2. Where Is The Green Sheep by Mem Fox
Such a simple book with lots of positional language. “Here is the up sheep and here is the down sheep...” The illustrations are quite humorous and little ones will want this read again and again. It is a favourite in many households! (All of my kids still love it!)

3. Cuddle Time by Libby Gleeson
Short, simple and sweet. Just a few words on each page to keep even the youngest babes interested. It is about some little ones who climb into their parents’ bed and get tickled and cuddled. So lovely!

4. I Went Walking by Sue Williams
Another very simple book. Repetitive words for easy prediction. Each page features a new animal, with picture clues for which animal is next. “I went walking, what did I see…a black cat looking at me…”

5. Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet and Allan Ahlberg
This one is a classic and will be read for many years. It is a bit like an eye spy book, with familiar characters to find and lots of rhyme and repetition. “Cinderella on the stairs, I spy the three bears…”

6. Kiss Kiss by Margaret Wild and Bridget Strevens-Marzo
This is a cute one. Baby hippo is in such a rush to play, he forgets to kiss his mum. He then hears his animal friends “kiss kiss” their mums. Lovely illustrations and lots of short but descriptive language. “Baby hippo hurried under the leafy, leafy trees…”

7. Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell.
Another classic. This is a ‘lift the flap’ book which little ones will love guessing which animal comes next. Short and simple with cute illustrations.

I know there are many more, these are are list of my absolute favourites! I was going to pick just five, but couldn’t! Which books did your little ones love? Which books do you think should go on my babies reading list?


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